About Us

We are iCleanWA, a cleaning service based in Western Australia


At iCleanWa we perfectly understand that your business, your home or your facility is incredibly valuable to you, your employees or family. Giving someone keys to your property means they have access to pretty much everything, and we give that responsibility the respect and care it deserves.

Serving Perth since a few years already, iCleanWa has a clean record and seeing satisfaction on our customers face is the only thing that matters.

Experience, quality, trust, reliability and flexibility, those are the words we abide to and have helped us to grow within this demanding industry. Realizing many cleaning businesses are “here today, gone tomorrow,” we always look to incorporate a consistent service while building lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Mission

Listen & Serve

Simple, we listen to what you want, we work hard to deliver on the requests and then we service your needs promptly.

Our Vision

Be Dedicated

With years of experience iCleanWA is dedicated to consistently meet client’s changing needs. At iCleanWA, we strive to build long-term relationships with our key stakeholders, fostering a culture that values dedication, respect and continuous improvement.